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G-ABVE Arrow

Active Arrow 2The Arrow Active 2 was a one off aircraft. There had been a prototype Arrow Active 1 built in 1931 which crashed in 1935. VE first flew in 1932 and was the only other Active built, it is amazing that it survived to fly after the war. It then joined the Tiger Club in the late 50’s as a racing aircraft and aerobatic aircraft. VE came third in the 1961 Kings Cup with Dennis Hartas flying it, only one second behind Viv Bellamy flying a Spitfire and a second in front of the Super Tiger G-ANZZ! Shows there was some excellent handicapping that year.

It was flown in many Tiger Club air displays through the 1960’s and also competed in several other races. It was a difficult aircraft to fly and because of this Norman Jones, the Club’s owner, only allowed a select few pilots to fly it.

Photograph Copyright © Ron Smith.

Cockpit Active Arrow

VE stayed with the Club until the 1970’s before being sold to a Club member who operated it for many years. The aircraft has subsequently moved up to Yorkshire where it is still flying.

Photograph Copyright © Ron Smith.

ACtive Arrow

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