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More Club Tigers

G-AOAAG-AOAA was another long serving Club aircraft, it had been converted to a Super Tiger but in later years after the air racing of Tigers had finished, the front seat was put back in so it could be used as a general Club aircraft. This picture shows it outside the hanger at Croydon in the late 1950’s. This was before it was converted and before it was named "The Deacon".

AA crashed at Redhill in 1989 and the remains were purchased by a Club member for rebuild, does anyone know the whereabouts of the plans for a Super Tiger?

This picture of G-AOAA shows it after conversion to a Super Tiger. The front cockpit is faired over and the fuel tank has been moved down into that cockpit. Can anyone identify who is standing on the wing? The photo was taken at Biggin Hill.

Photograph Copyright © Ron Smith.

A later shot of AA showing its distinctive colour scheme and the name "Deacon". AA is here waiting to take off from Badminton, Somerset and by now the fuel tank is back on the top wing and the front seat is back in use.

Photograph Copyright © Ron Smith.



During the winter of 1982 CDC led a small formation over a white Redhill aerodrome, this photo shows the old control tower shortly before it was pulled down. Club members are standing in front of the Tiger Club hangar watching the fly past. The pilot of CDC is John Taylor.

Photograph Copyright © Pat Sellars.

Sue BurgessSue Burges was one of the first members of the Sky Diving Club and G-APRA was modified to assist parachutists by lowering the front door sill and handles were on the cockpit side to aid the parachutist. In honour of Sue’s contribution to parachuting her name was written in orange on the side of the cowlings.

Her career as a parachutist was cut short with a severe back injury in 1958 after she and Mike Reilly jumped from two Tigers and she had a bad landing. Benjy flew the aircraft in the National Air Races at Coventry in 1959 and it was also often used as the SOW aircraft at displays through the early 1960’s. The picture shows Sue Burges posing next to the aircraft named after her. Photograph Copyright © John Blake. Below Sue and Mike.Sue Burgess Mike Reilly



This amazing photograph records the moment just after Lewis Benjamin "Benjy" lost control during a crazy flying slot at the Sywell display in July 1963. That was followed by a 200 foot dive into the ground accompanied by a concerted Oh! from the crowd!

This picture appeared in the Clubroom at Redhill with a John Blake speech bubble added saying "If this doesn't kill me, Norman will." Benjy suffered a few injuries and a couple of days in hospital but made a full recovery, MZ took a little while longer to rebuild. MZ was another Super Tiger and was called The Canon.

The photograph is from Benjy’s book The Tiger Club - A Tribute, which can be found for sale on Amazon.


G-ARAZ was the first Tiger the Club converted for Standing on the Wing, the first flight with Benjy as the guinea pig was flown on 4th March 1962 with Dennis Hartas as the pilot. On the day there was snow on the ground and he was wrapped up against the cold. It was soon realised that at displays, it should really be a girl on the wing, as shown here with ARAZ flying over Redhill.

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