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Redhill Air Displays

From the early 1960’s the Tiger Club pilots were always encouraged in display flying and Tiger Club shows were put on at various airfields in England, the highlight of the season was always the Redhill show.

Programme Cover 1976

The Club airshow at Redhill always made the most of the home grown talent and they were very popular with the crowds. The 1973 show included the famous Czech pilot Ladislav Bezak who in 1971 escaped from behind the Iron Curtain with his wife and four children all in a Zlin 226 and flew to Germany.

The shows continued until the late 1980’s and the format remained very similar. By 1983 the show included the aircraft detailed in this page from the show programme.

The cover for each years programme produced some excellent photographs of the Club aircraft and the cost of putting on a show steadily increased which is shown in the increased entry and programme costs. Jeanne Frazer organised the shows throughout the 1980's.

The cover for 1986 which was one of the last shows the Club has put on.

1986 Programme

The 1986 show gave details of many of the best loved acts, such as the Stampe Duo which was started by Pete Jarvis and Carl Schofield, Brian Smith and others joined in later years.

1986 Redhill Show

The 1986 Airshow had several Club pilots who were flying other aircraft including Keith Sissons then flying the B-17 Sally B. Some of the pilots of the various warbirds were also Club pilots, some of whom had started display flying in the Turbulent Team. The Unipart Aerobatic Team were flying RF-4’s to Pink Floyd's music and both pilots were Club members. This display act was started with John Taylor and Brendan O'Brien, in later years Mike Dentith and Matthew Hill took over.

1986 Airshow flying events

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