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Learning to fly tailwheel aircraft

In the good old days before 1999 you could learn to fly on a nose wheel aircraft and just jump into a tailwheel aircraft and fly it, most pilots did at least have a check out though!

Then JAR arrived and all the rules and regulations were changed and “Difference Training” was introduced. Under JAR, Difference Training is required for aircraft with any of the following features; retractable undercarriage, Constant speed propellers, turbo/supercharged engines, tailwheel or cabin pressurisation aircraft. The regulations state that for a pilot wanting to convert to a tailwheel aircraft they must have training with a flight instructor.

Tailwheel takeoff

The Tiger Club has operated since 1957 with the arrangement whereby the more experienced members pass their skills onto the new pilots. Once training is completed a pilot does need to have a flight with a Flight Instructor, which you can organise at the Tiger Club before going solo. The CAA also state “Completion of this difference training is to be recorded in the pilot’s logbook and countersigned by the instructor”. If you are interested in converting to tailwheel aircraft then please contact Glyn Richards the Club Manager on Tel: 01303 863180 and arrange a booking on the SuperCub or Jodel to start your training.


If you have flown a tailwheel aircraft prior to the introduction of JAR then you do not need to carry out “Difference Training” you need only to have a Club Check Out on type.The number of instructional hours training is not fixed, it is dependant upon the experience of the pilot. The training will cover all aspects of operating a tailwheel aircraft. Please also see the CAA web site at http://www.caa.co.uk for full details of the current regulations.

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