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$ in a rowThe Rollason Turbulents are great fun to fly, they are powered by VW 1600cc Beetle engines, with only minor changes from the car engine. They are ideal for hour building and for those pilots who want to experience the adventures of formation flying and display flying.

The first Turbulents joined the Tiger Club fleet in 1959 and we have operated many over the years. They have quite a History attached to them!

The Club operates four Turbulents.They are all Rollason built aircraft and are therefore very similar in performance and design. They are all fitted with stall warning lights and the Le Burgh electronic ignition system, to make starting easier.

A Turbulent doesn’t have a lot of space in it, so we have modified the cockpit of our latest aircraft G-APVZ to accommodate taller pilots, this aircraft joined the fleet at the end of 2007 after completing a rebuild.

Cross overThe Club checkout rules require that a pilot must have checked out on a Club Tiger Moth prior to flying a Turbulent. This is not because they are difficult to fly but as they are single seaters, we want to know that a pilot has reached this level of proficiency.

Turbulents are easy and fun to fly but they have their vices and pilots need to be aware of the aircraft limitations. Details are available in the Clubhouse and will be part of the preflight briefing. For example Turbulents are known for icing up very quickly, one of the most important controls, is the Carburetor Heat.

If you want to learn formation flying then you will find the Turbulent ideal, there are several Club pilots who will take you through the theory and then help instruct you on everything you need to learn. The Turbulent being low powered will required careful power management. You can also learn formation flying using the Tiger Moths.

Turbulent Team pilots, will be happy to instruct you on all the skills required for tied together flying, flying the hoop, balloon bursting and many other tricks of the air display world . There is a good chance that with a lot of application and hard work from your side and plenty of enthusiasm, that you could join the team. In the meantime you can always help out with ground crewing for the team and see what it is all about. See the Tiger Club Turbulent Display Team page for full details

Once checked out then if your interest is hours building there are few aircraft cheaper to fly. If you are intending on landing away from Pent Farm then the Club Manager will want to brief you on starting the aircraft. Otherwise it is always good fun to fly off for the day with several other Turbs!

Snow Turb

Come the winter months it is the Turbulent pilots who are looking forward to a wintry scene like the one in February 2009. The skis are polished and the weather checked, should snow be forecast RNZ is to be found at the front of the hangar waiting for the wheels to be removed and the skis put on. This shot shows RNZ taking off at Challock with our Club Manager Glyn Richards in command. The club also has another Turbulent RGZ equipped for skis.





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