The Tiger Club

London's Closest Flying Club. Come fly vintage aeroplanes in London. Come fly aerobatics in London.

Vintage Biplane Air Experience Rides

If the sight and sound of this vintage British biplane fills you with excitement and transports you back to the nostalgia of the 1930’s, this experience is for you. Accompanied by an experienced club member with dual controls, you do not need any previous flying experience to fly the historic two-seater Tiger Moth and soar over the East of London.

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Adrenaline Filled Aerobatic Air Experience Rides

If the idea of flying upside-down fills you with excitement, take a deep breath and try aerobatics! Climb aboard our two-seater CAP 10 and let one of our expert pilots take you on a twenty-minute rollercoaster ride of exhilarating manoeuvres such as loops, rolls and stall turns. You do not need any previous flying experience to try this thrilling flight just East of London.

Flights from £180 - MORE INFO - BOOK NOW

Tailwheel Conversion Training

We offer lessons in the Piper SuperCub to pilots who would like to try their hand at something new. The SuperCub is the ideal aircraft in which to learn how to handle a tailwheel plane, increase your competencies and have lots of fun in the process.

With your instructor sat behind, you will have a fair view over the nose compared to many other tailwheel aircraft. You will still need to weave your way down the taxiway to make sure you spot any obstacles, but with good brakes and the tail wheel the plane is easily controllable!

The SuperCub will teach you all about using the rudder on take off, landing and when turning in the air. It’s a good stepping stone on the route to flying the vintage Tiger Moth, if you can part from this fun aeroplane!

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Tiger Moth Conversion Training

If the sight and sound of this vintage British biplane fills you with excitement and transports you back to the nostalgia of the 1930’s, this training is for you. Impress all your friends and family by taking this rare chance to learn how to fly the historic two-seater Tiger Moth yourself.

Ideally you should have tailwheel flying experience to learn how to fly the Tiger Moth. Being a relatively slow aircraft, with high drag, no brakes and moderate power, the Tiger Moth needs to be flown accurately to get the best from it. This makes it more challenging than with modern aircraft, but you will end up an even better pilot.

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Aerobatics Conversion Rating Training

Aerobatic flight represents the pinnacle of hands-on flying. Handling an aircraft through aerobatic manoeuvres demands skill and judgement far beyond that required by more straightforward A-to-B flying. Once you have achieved this level of expertise you will be rewarded with unparalleled freedom and confidence, benefitting all aspects of your flying whilst significantly enhancing the pleasure of flight which fundamentally motivated you to become a pilot in the first place.

Perhaps the idea of trying your hand at some impressive aerobatic manoeuvres has always captured your imagination. Maybe your usual flying has started to feel a little tame, and left you looking for that little extra excitement. Or perhaps you simply wish to become a safer, more competent pilot.

Whatever your motivation for learning aerobatics, we offer a number of different aerobatic courses, ranging from a simple one-off trial lesson, to full-blown courses that prepare you for the exciting world of competition flying. Whichever aerobatic training course you choose, all are designed to ultimately make you a better pilot.

EASA Aerobatic Rating

This involves brushing up on stalling, spinning, steep turns and slow flight, followed up by learning a loop, aileron roll and stall turn. Then you will be taught to safely recover from any unusual attitude you may encounter if these manoeuvres do not go quite as planned. You can then apply for your EASA Aerobatic Rating and practice solo above 3000ft.

Aerobatic Check A

Once you have completed all the standard level manoeuvres (loop, slow roll, stall turn, spin, half cuban, half reverse cuban, cuban eight; basic lines and angles, steep turns, roll-off-the-top, hesitation roll, half roll and pull through) a further check with a check pilot enables you to practice these on your own, down to 2000ft.

Aerobatic Check B

Once you can fly 5 manoeuvres in a sequence along an axis you can pass Check "B" You will then have met the standard required to enter British Aerobatic Association competitions at Beginners Level. The next level of competition is the Standard Level which consists of a sequence of about ten manoeuvres in an aerobatic box.

From only £240 per hour - MORE INFO

Formation Flight Training & Display Training

At the Tiger Club we offer formation training in our Druine Turbulents. These single-handed aircraft are ideal for formation flying training, being low powered and necessitating careful power management. However you can also learn formation flying on the Tiger Moth or Cub.

First you will take a flight in our two-seater Cap 10 to familiarise yourself with the landing attitude of the Turbulent, then our instructors and display pilots will thoroughly brief you before your first flight in a Turbulent. Once you are comfortable with handling this aircraft you will move onto the theory of formation flying and start flying in two-aircraft formation, where an instructor will be in formation with you. After this, you can progress to three- or four-aircraft formation.

If you would like to progress even further, our Turbulent Team pilots will be happy to instruct you on the skills required for tied together flying, flying the hoop, balloon bursting, and many other tricks of the air display world. There is a good chance that, with a lot of application and hard work from your side and plenty of enthusiasm, you could join the team. In the meantime, you can always help out with ground crewing for the team and see what formation flying in Turbulents is all about. See the Tiger Club Turbulent Display Team page for full details.


The Tiger Club - History

The Tiger Club was founded in 1957 with the aim of encouraging all aspects of sport flying. We are keen to teach the different kinds of sport flying, including aerobatics, formation flying, air racing and display flying.

We welcome any pilot or aviation enthusiast who wishes to fly any of our aircraft, whether as a memorable one-off experience or as a series of lessons to develop new skills and airmanship. We offer pilots the chance to fly what are nowadays unusual types of aircraft, and to perfect the skills required to operate these special planes.

The Tiger Club is run by its members, and owned by a group of members. It is a friendly place, largely staffed by volunteers, and we encourage everyone to get involved. We have a Duty Pilot system in operation at the weekend which helps new members meet other pilots and learn about the operation of the Club and the aircraft. If you are looking for a Club where you can be involved, you will be very welcome.

Being based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, moments away from Upminster tube and train station means that we are probably one of the easiest clubs to get to, from London.


Become a Member!

Full Flying Membership

Full Flying Membership of the Club is open to anyone holding a valid pilots licence. Once you have joined as a Full Member you will then need to have a Tiger Club checkout on each type of aircraft you wish to fly. There are no set check out times; the number of hours required to check out on each type will be determined by your experience. We have several Check Pilots who are available seven days of the week; there are no additional charges incurred for dual flights.

Overseas Membership

We encourage those pilots who live outside of Great Britain; we have several Club members living in USA, Germany, Australia and many other countries for whom we have special membership rates. Overseas Membership entitles you to the same privileges as the U.K. membership, but restricted to people living permanently out of the country.

Temporary Membership

If you are visiting The Tiger Club for only a few days, then Temporary Membership will cover you to fly dual with a check pilot in the Club aircraft for one month. Temporary Membership also allows you to fly solo on the Piper Super Cub.

Associate Membership

If you do not hold a flying licence, then we have an Associate Membership available, this allows you to fly as a passenger in a Tiger Club aircraft, you will receive the Club Rag and you will be welcome to join in all Club activities.


The Tiger Club also has shares that become available regularly should you wish to become one of those members who also owns the club. Please come in for a chat with our manager for more information.


Our contact details:

The Tiger Club
Damyns Hall Aerodrome
Aveley Road, London,
Essex, RM14 2TN
Open 9am - 5pm 7 days a week

Tel: 01708 524633